Estate, Gift and Income Tax Planning Lawyer Assists Clients in Kentucky and South Carolina

Louisville area attorney works to protect your wealth

If your estate is large enough to trigger the federal estate tax, Elverson White LLC can help you reduce your exposure through planning, including business succession plans and wealth transfers to your eventual heirs.

I assist clients by structuring business transactions, planning charitable giving, and advising on income and estate tax matters. I work with clients to minimize the impact of income taxes, gift taxes, estate taxes and generation-skipping transfer taxes. Through the strategic use of new and traditional planning devises, I will help you take full advantage of all applicable tax credits, deductions, exemptions and elections, so you can transfer your wealth with maximum benefit for your business, your family and your philanthropic beneficiaries.

Taxation planning advice from an experienced professional

You should never make a decision about structuring or transferring assets without understanding the tax consequences. I provide tax advice to individuals, executors, trustees and businesses on a wide range of issues. In my full-service estate planning law firm, I provide advice on matters related to:

  • Federal estate tax
  • Federal gift tax
  • Personal and business income tax
  • Stepped-up cost basis
  • Capital gains taxes
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Alternate valuation elections
  • Generation-skipping taxes
  • Revocable, irrevocable, grantor and charitable trusts
  • Business taxation for S-corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships, and other entities

Understanding the tax consequences of the financial decisions you make, especially those involving bequests and gifts, will allow you to preserve your wealth so you can work to maximize the amount you pass on to those of your choosing. Elverson White LLC provides advice and sound planning that makes that possible.

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